Unofficial Twitch client for the Roku

Release Notes


- Update stream status more frequently
- Fix streams hanging on the loading screen if they are offline
- Fix an issue where emotes could be out of order
- Update stream quality settings for Roku models
- Fix errors when starting streams
- Fix chat not being authenticated on launch
- Change automatic quality change to have a 30 second delay
- Disable game posters on the game tab
- Allow start menu to be selected
- Add the "all" option to the language menu


- Fix buffering bar displaying in the wrong position in some instances
- Update UI to FHD
- Check if streams are live before attempting to play
- Fix menu selection 9-patch missing a corner
- Add local search history
- Improve emoticon load times
- Emoticons will now retain their aspect ratio
- Add local stream HLS playlist parsing
- Disable chat on VODs (Live channel chat could be enabled if the right d-pad button were pressed twice quickly.)
- Use community display name instead of the lowercase names
- Add message when no stream title has been provided
- Add Spanish translations


"Twitched" Copyright (C) 2017 Rolando Islas, 2018 Frozen Iron Software LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Twitched is a Roku/Apple TV (media player) app for connecting to Twitch (live streaming service) and watching live streams. The Twitched website/API serves as a proxy/cache for all request to Twitch.

Twitched is not affiliated with Twitch Interactive, Inc., Roku, Inc., or Apple, Inc.

TWITCHED LICENSE Version 1, December 2017


0. Do not distribute, copy, or modify any source files, resources, or binary